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Power as a healer

“Since very early on, I have had the opportunity to get to know Sabrina as a close friend, classmate, clinic partner and colleague. I know her to be a very persistent, hard working person with immense will power. In the times that I have partnered with her in acupuncture and Chinese herbs, I know her to have very clear, attentive presence with her patients, and a very gently touch to match her power as a healer. If I could say in two words what I know in Sabrina’s presence, it would be gentle power. One of her greatest strengths that I know is her ability to listen deeply, carefully, and openly to what others are saying and reflect this back in a way that lets others know they have not only been listened to, but also held and supported. This listening is paired with her ability to create and hold a space that patients, as well as myself feel safe to take risks and explore without judgment. She also has a great presence and compassion for animals, and it is my hope that she continues to cultivate this gift to possibly work with our four legged friends. I have witnessed the transformation of her patients first hand and know that the world will be transformed through the work that she will do with needles, herbs and her healing presence.”

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