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Chronic Back Pain / Knee Pain

“I have never before felt so nurtured and tended on every level, mind, body and spirit. I feel that we have be on a journey. And I have had the best time learning more about me and how to support myself on all levels.

I started with chronic back pain and bilateral knee pain with some misalignment and agonizing pain, all of which improved after treatment. Although I am still learning to listen to my body more, I no longer push myself to the extremes or to my detriment daily.

Overall I have learned a lot about myself and the importance of rest and sleep to maintain my mind, body and spirit. Most of all I appreciate the partnership, I felt heard and felt like I needed to hear the offerings she presented.

I believe that Sabrina’s patience, compassion and kindness are evident from the very first interaction.

I always leave my appointments feeling better than when I started. I think that Sabrina is an amazing practitioner and has a great deal to offer any patient as practitioner, coach and health partner.”

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