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Vitality means having balance and harmony in all aspects of your life. It is attained by the integration of physical, social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and environmental health. Vitality is a conscious commitment to continued growth and self-improvement with the ultimate goal of a healthier lifestyle.

Vitality is not a destination, it’s a continuous journey.

Dimensions of Vitality


Physical Vitality involves understanding, appreciating and respecting the needs of your body. It needs balanced nutrition and sufficient water intake for optimal performance and to prevent dis-ease. It requires regular physical activity to improve cardiovascular tone, respiratory endurance, bone strength and muscular flexibility.


Social Vitality is the ability to live ethically and harmoniously in a world of diverse outlooks and beliefs. It involves the ability to connect with other people, and to maintain positive and meaningful relationships with family, friends, co-workers and members of your community.


Emotional Vitality is the awareness and acceptance of your own feelings and the feelings of others. It’s the ability to acknowledge and to share feelings of anger, stress, sadness or fear as well as joy, happiness, hope and love.


Spiritual Vitality is the quest for meaning, value and purpose resulting in hope, joy, courage and gratitude. It is the ability to find peace and balance in your life, and to match your values to your actions. Spiritual Vitality involves defining and evaluating your personal beliefs. It is learning to trust your intuition and gain strength and energy from your surroundings.


Intellectual Vitality is being open to new ideas and experiences. It is the desire to continue learning, to challenge what you think you know and to put your knowledge into practice. The more we know, the more informed decisions we can make and the better we do in life.


Environmental Vitality is recognizing your individual responsibility to protect the environment. It is maintaining a way of life that maximizes the harmony with the earth and minimizes harm to the environment and thus, yourself.


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