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Pain and Stress Reduced

“I unreservedly endorse Sabrina’s efforts. I do not typically write letters of recommendation. I am stating this upfront to underscore how special Sabrina is and the regard in which I hold her which only continues to grow.

I have had the pleasure of being Sabrina’s acupuncture patient since October 2012. Sabrina is clearly on her way to becoming an extraordinary healer who displays deep passion for helping her patients on a physical, mental and spiritual level. My pre-existing injuries, surgeries and early on-set arthritis clearly present a complex case history that requires careful case management planning and execution. During this time period Sabrina’s obvious skill and growing body of knowledge has benefited me directly in a variety of ways. On a technical level, Sabrina has obviously absorbed a great deal of knowledge about human physiology; she correctly diagnosis through pulses, appropriately palpates and identifies points and meridians to treat me in an effective holistic manner. My pain and stress levels have been reduced as a result of her active and adaptive treatment planning.

Of equal importance, however, is the gentle but professional manner in which conducts our sessions and who she is as a person. I truly value her advice and guidance and the trust she engenders in me. She has communicated in a variety of ways that she cares for me and my well being– not as a result of any pecuniary relationship, but in a subtle manner that I know is real and true and speaks to who she is as a person. The powerful yet enlightened intelligence and magnetic aura that emanates from her is a direct result of her spirituality, which is essential to be effective in practicing the healing arts. Her kindness, warmth and diligence are a credit to her nature and ultimately to the acupuncture profession she has joined.”

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