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Able to quickly assess, diagnose, and deliver treatments

“Sabrina brings a wealth of life experiences and a well developed intuitive gift. She has a gentle, congenial nature that is genuine and palpable. She is thoughtful and sensitive and puts deliberate intention into her actions. I guess the most impressionable character trait that Sabrina personifies is her ability to connect with all types of people with dignity and integrity. She sets a healing environment for her patients and approaches her colleagues with a genuine respect and sensitivity.

I have found that Sabrina is well rooted in being a healer. Her spirit shines through in all of her interactions. Her knowledge of Chinese Medicine deepens as she bridges it with her spiritual foundation. I’ve observed her conversing with peers and instructors alike. Her humble nature makes her easy to be around and her intellectual talent is exhilarating. I’ve found it an absolute pleasure to work with Sabrina. She is always prepared to discuss a variety of subject matters related to Oriental Medicine as well as areas separate and distinct to the medicine. She is always prepared, dependable, and has a great sense of humor.

Sabrina has also devoted a great portion of her clinical time participating in community health clinics that provide access to alternative health in a variety of communities. She has been deeply committed to this process and her presence was always welcomed by patients at the various venues. She has the ability to participate in powerful meditations with a community of clients and in individualized treatment sessions. She is able to quickly assess, diagnose, and deliver treatments.

Whether in individual treatment settings, or in community acupuncture settings, Sabrina commits herself. She’s a quick study and perfects what she learns through steady and consistent practice. Her calming nature lends itself to bringing peace to areas where turbulence is often apparent. Where there is chaos, Sabrina brings a welcomed ease and beauty and fits right in. She brings an easy flow and brightens any environment. I‘ve had the honor of supervising Sabrina while she has tended her clinical practice. She is well respected and adored by her patients. She crafts good treatment principles and works diligently to educate patients on the benefits of acupuncture and other areas of Eastern medicine. She is an astute learner and an active participant in the educational process. She offers deep and reflective possibilities during patient presentations and during clinical discussions. Her diverse work experience, unique level of professionalism, compassion and empathy all add to Sabrina’s charisma.

I trust that Sabrina’s gifts will continue to bless others and be fully received by those around her. I am touched and honored to call her my colleague and would recommend her to any venue that she chooses to align herself with. I wish her the best success, happiness and joy in her professional and personal endeavors.”

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