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Highlight Of My Week/Month

“I am writing this recommendation letter on behalf of Sabrina Uy. I was a patient of hers both prior to and during my entire first pregnancy; she treated me at least once per week. I started seeing Sabrina in February 2014 (prior to my pregnancy) and continued to see her until I delivered in February 2015. Thanks to her treatments, I feel that I had a very easy & successful pregnancy without any complications. Now, I can proudly say I have a beautiful and healthy 3-month old baby boy and I owe a big THANK YOU to Sabrina for that!

Sabrina is simply the BEST! She is so kind, caring, warm and courteous and you can tell she’s truly passionate about the well being of her patients and what she does. The highlight of my week/month was going to my acupuncture sessions with Sabrina. It not only felt great and relaxing, but seeing Sabrina was also a pleasure.

I would personally HIGHLY recommend Sabrina for your practice. Upon hiring her, you can be confident that she would treat all her patients with the utmost care and concern, just as she treated me. She will not only perform her job professionally and genuinely, but she will go above and beyond to make sure the patients are comfortable and satisfied. If you choose her, you will not regret your decision.”

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