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Instant Connection

“I have been a patient of Sabrina Uy since March 2014. I decided to explore acupuncture while waiting to begin infertility treatment at Shady Grove Fertility Center. From the first time I met with Sabrina for my consultation appointment we had an an instant connection. I attribute this to her warm and welcoming personality. She takes the time to get to connect with and get to know her patients. The idea of being stuck with needles can be quite frightening, but she always made the experience as pleasant as possible. Sabrina is patient and calm, which is very comforting to an acupuncture patient. After two months of acupuncture and one round of infertility drugs I became pregnant with my son. I continued treatments with Sabrina throughout my pregnancy and even had an appointment the morning I was induced. I would highly recommend Sabrina as I’ve truly enjoyed working with her over the last year.”

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