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Helping Me Heal

“For a while now I’ve been dealing with stress. That stress has manifested into cysts, migraines, stones and the worst ailment of all- making my irritable bowel syndrome of the charts. Talk about gross, no wonder I have stress!Western medical doctors have all given me prescriptions that seem to treat the problem for a few days, but not the cause so all my ailments come back.Then one day I decided to try something new after all how much worse could it get?

That’s when I met acupuncturist, Sabrina Uy. She doesn’t treat me like a number in her patient roles, but more like a friend. Like anyone the idea of getting needles poked in me, especially my feet, freaks me out but Sabrina makes each treatment comfortable. If there’s a path of treatment that makes me uneasy Sabrina finds another way to help heal me so the acupuncture session is beneficial. Sabrina Uy talks to her patients and gets to know them, their story, their everyday life because everyday life effects who we are and how our body responds hence treating the cause. 

Sabrina Uy is helping me heal and I’m thankful.”

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