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Changed my life

Where do I begin, let me start with, I am a soon to be 48 year old african american woman who is terrified of needles. But, my massage therapist shared with me the power of acupuncture and because I was dealing with a number of health concerns, insomnia, weight gain, menopause, stressful job, life, ministry, 5 young adult children and a fairly new marriage, Sabrina was a saving grace! I followed Sabrina into private practice to make sure I was receiving the absolute needed treatment that she provides. She is personable, professional and the ultimate sweetest. I now tell everyone about acupuncture and the great benefits to your body, and or health. I’m still scared of needles, but with Sabrina, she totally helped me relax, destress, release anxiety and totally enhanced my life. I went weekly because I had so much going on in my life and her services are so needed. Open up internationally Sabrina! You won’t regret going to Acupuncture Journeys. Between her and my therapist and the Lord, I’m back on track, losing weight, learning to love me in all of my flaws and still learning to relax. I can’t thank you enough for helping to change my life!

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